The Managing Trustee of the trust Dr.R.Vijayakumar owned an art box. It is an ancient box, having 400 years and more of age. The length of the box is 45cm, the breadth of the box is 29cm and the height of the box is 18cm. The box contains 23 racks. It is the peculiarity of the box. Each rack fitted as interlocking method. Moreover, There was no nail used in the box to joint the wood plates, except the brass screws to joint the box and it cover. Some eminent experts like historians, artists and researchers valued this box more than Rupees 5 Crores of value. There was no evident who was made it. The box handed over to the senior legal heirs as a valuable family property. The eldest heir hold and owned this box as his family property. Now, Dr.R.Vijayakumar is the eldest heir of his family. Therefore, he holds and owns this box at present. He remembered that the box was reached him after handover more than 6 thalaimurai (6 heirs). Therefore, the box must made before 6 heirs i.e. more than 400 years ago. He unsure about the manufacturing date of the box. Even, his grandfather’s grandfather also didn’t know the manufacturing date of the box.

Likewise, he also owned a brass art plate. The plate also handed over to the senior legal heirs as the above art box. The art in the plate made manually without using machines.