‘SREE RAMAKRISHNA SOCIAL WELFARE TRUST (SRSWT)’ was established on 21.06.2007 by Dr.R.Vijayakumar, B.S.M. (Class‘A’Govt.registered). Dr.R.Vijayakumar is belonging from one of the heritage family of Kanyakumari district.

He is expert in Varma. Particularly, he cures the Asthma patients using Varma massage. His medicines cures the male impotency, erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems. He desired to create a public charitable trust for the purpose of carrying on charitable activities.

The registered number of the trust is 179/MTM/2007. The head office of the trust is Kattadurai, Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu.


(i) To establish Sree Ramakrishna institutions, schools, colleges, technical training centres, medical free service centres and any other educational institutions only for philanthropic purpose and not for the purpose of making profit or gain.

(ii) To constitute scholarships to poor and deserving students to enabling them to continue their studies and to give grants for fees and other charges or reimbursement for cost of books, instruments and other educational aids for their educational pursuits.

(iii) To constitute prizes for outstanding achievements of students in educational institutions either in the examinations, sports, general knowledge or such other proficiencies.

(iv) To establish and maintain:

  • Sree Ramakrishna Medical Mission Hospitals.
  • Sree Ramakrishna Educational Institutions.
  • Sree Ramakrishna Medical and Educational Free service centres.

(v) To provide relief and help to the poor, aged, physically challenged, mentally retarded, orphans and persons otherwise disabled or incapable of earning their livelihood by grant and aids and to maintain, establish and support institutions and homes for the benefit of such persons.

(vi) To provide relief to the poor people affected by earthquake, floods famine, droughts, riots, accident or other natural calamities.

(vii) To start reading rooms and libraries for the progress and advancement of social, cultural and scientific knowledge of the people.

(viii) To organise seminars, symposiums, conferences, conventions, issue books, publications, camps and such other meetings and activities related to healthcare and education.

(ix) To donate to similar institutions having similar objects.

(x) To conduct adult/non formal educational programmes, health education programmes, family planning programmes, free legal aid programmes, free medical camps, stop smoking campaigns and other similar programmes either by itself or in co-ordination with others.

(xi) The objects of the trust shall be carried out for philanthropic purpose only and not in the nature of conduction for a business activity or for the purpose of profit or gain.